BS Standards for Electronic Information Management

BS (British Standard) arrives from the world’s first standards body, The British Standards Institute (BSI) and for BS 10008 specifically it related to the risk management and quality management system that produces evidence to support the quality, integrity and trustworthiness of electronic information that are either scanned or created digitally.

Authenticity of a Document – The authenticity of a digital document is in relation to its capture and the process of scanning the original. This authenticity stamp provides an assurance to those viewing it that it has captured the true information from the original and that the information included within the document has not been changed in any way.

Integrity of Document – This is in relation to the security of the document and that at no time since the document was captured has the information been corrupted in any way. This could be through human error, server migrations, changes to the systems that the information is stored etc.

Availability of Document – The owner of the original document must be able to access the document and information held within it upon request. BS 10008 ensures that they can do so.

When an Organisation Requires BS 10008

In the modern world where electronic information makes up such a huge portion of all the documentation any business possesses, and with the push towards greener businesses and a paperless society, it is important to have a framework in place that ensures the integrity of that information. This comes to the fore when there are any professional disputes to resolve, for compliance and legality issues and for general business agreements.

BS 10008 has been designed for just this purpose and is useful for companies that:

Require Document Scanning – In order to protect the authenticity of the documentation when compared to the original document and to uphold data quality.

Have a Speed of Compliance Issue – Where a business requires a compliance issue to be resolved in a fast timeframe. The ability to limit the scope to certain electronic information will accelerate the process of accreditation.

May Need Future Use of Electronic Information – In some cases it may be required that any electronic information that has been ‘born digital’ is to be kept for several years, in case it is required as evidence as part of a professional dispute.

BS10008 at Box-it

BS1008 accreditation for Box-it means documents scanned at our Head Office in Winchester can be authenticated as a true copy of the original paper document and is admissible in a court of law as an original document. We will ensure that at all stages of the scanning process that no edits have been made to the original to prove its authenticity.

At Box-it we always strive to be the best at every aspect of our business. Our BS10008 certification is proof of this as it can only be awarded to organisations that can demonstrate the quality and trustworthiness of electronic information. We ensure all documents are authentic, retain their integrity and confidentiality and also ensure the documents are available to view. To find out more information, please feel free to contact our team.