Complete Document Storage Management with Box-it

Box-it can help you come to terms with the necessity of document storage and management solutions, no matter the size of your business. There are a number of services that we can offer that assist business owners in making the right choices for their company and provide a solid foundation and culture from which employees can work smartly and effectively to a more productive end than is currently being achieved.

Storage of Physical Documents

Our team can help put together a plan of action that removes the on-going (and potentially worsening) situation where-by your physical document storage is causing a problem in your existing workplace. It is only natural that over time your business will continue to create more paper documents. Much of the information within these documents is important and you might need them at some point in the future. Other documents might be required to be retained for a certain period of time before being securely destroyed, and others you should, frankly, dispose of now to free up space. Box-it provides a solution, with secure document storage facilities in your area. We can cater for large bulk storage of document boxes, or for smaller files and folders.

Digitising of Archives

Our document scanning service provides users with a flexible option to run alongside the archiving of physical documents or as a standalone service. This provides users with a chance to choose which original documents need to be physically stored and kept in archive, and those which can be scanned and kept in digital form, with the original securely disposed of. Using our Scan-from-Archive service means that you can scan documents to suit your budget and timescales, or if you need all your documents digitised quickly we can accommodate this too at one of our state of the art scanning facilities. Scanned documents are housed within our award winning, simple to use electronic document management system Omnidox, helping you to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations.

GDPR Compliant Destruction of Documentation

The Data Protection Act and the upcoming changes in 2018, namely GDPR are important to every business owner. There is a legal obligation to securely and safely dispose of documents within a certain timeframe in some cases, where information is no longer pertinent to your business interests. Our confidential shredding service allows you to adhere to these regulations, safe in the knowledge that we are safely and securely destroying documentation that could be at risk if they were kept at your work location, and beyond the time they are legally allowed to be stored.

For more information about how Box-it can help transform the way your business deals with document storage and the compliant destruction of your archived documents, contact our friendly customer service team today. We understand how to help businesses maximise their potential and streamline processes to make the whole operation more efficient and profitable. Records & document management is a big part of any successful and growing business, and we can provide you with the smart and accurate tools to do just that in an effective way.