Document Management for the NHS

When storing or transferring documents within the NHS you have to be completely certain of the security and the compliance of the systems being used. Medical practitioners are under immense pressure to comply with strict regulations. With all IT within the NHS tied to the N3 environment, a secure network of 1.3 million NHS staff members has fast access to stored documentation. How does Box-it fit into this framework of security?

Compliance and Security for the NHS

Medical professionals and administration staff in a medical setting have access to personal information of patients on a daily basis. In order for a supplier to become a trusted member of the N3 environment they have to demonstrate they are capable, with the private data network set up to ensure the following:

Confidential Documents – Network access must be restricted to only those who are a necessity. Physical and logical restrictions are in place to limit access.

Integrity of Access – Only organisations within the NHS or approved third parties are able to connect to N3.

Fast Availability and Access – A resilient program with a built-in fallback option built into the core of the network design. Access to services and documentation has to be secure and fast to be a benefit to the NHS as a whole.

Omnidox from Box-it

Any document management system within the framework of the NHS has to be secure and compliant to the highly structured regulations in place. Omnidox from Box-it is an award winning Electronic Document Management system that is highly secure and fully functional for a variety of uses. The cloud based electronic repository is simple and straightforward to use, allowing users to manage documents and related business content online, sharing files and folders through web links or syncing from single locations.

Working with sensitive patient/client documents, such as with NHS medical records and the like means you have to have a system in place where documents can be shared securely with only the people that matter. Omnidox does just that and as a result Box-it has become an approved supplier for a number of frameworks within the NHS and other institutions, including:

  • ESPO 2957 – Document Storage and Retrieval Services
  • ESPO 390 – Document Scanning and Digitization
  • NHS SBS Framework – Document Storage and Document Scanning Services
  • Health Trust Europe – Document Storage and Document Scanning Services
  • GCloud (Via Brambles CC) – Covers Central Govt & Local Govt
  • London Procurement Partnership – Covers NHS Plus Central Govt & Local Govt

If you would like to find out more about Omnidox and how all of the processes at Box-it adhere to strict compliance regulations, including those within the NHS framework of N3, give us a call today. Our friendly team of document management experts can help you understand how we have your safety and security at heart, looking after documents in the most secure manner, allowing you to manage documents online in a scalable and affordable way. You’ll have instant access to often sensitive information, allowing for effective workflow with little disruption related to the access of documentation.