The Flexibility of Records Management with Box-it

The larger a company has become, the harder it can be to change methods and processes of working that have become ingrained over the many years (and even decades) of growth and success. One area in which change is a necessity is within the creation, management and storage of company records. These can encompass all aspects of a business, from employee records, invoices, supplier notes and so much more.

On a day-to-day basis if an employee has to access a physical paper record in order to perform a task effectively, the whole system can easily be slowed down and become unproductive. It is for this reason, as well as many others, that a system of digitising records has become desirable for many large companies, organisations and government departments, but it isn’t always a necessity to perform such a sea change in one go.

Box-it offers a flexible service of document management, enabling a business to choose the right path at the right time, streamlining processes in the workplace and effectively managing documents over a longer period of time.

Scan Documents On Demand – This aspect of our service is perfect for those companies that require access to certain documents urgently from time-to-time. It is an environmentally friendly approach to document management in that instead of returning required documents via road we scan and return these electronically through our secure Omnidox system. From there a secure link is sent to only authorised users within a company, and for a set period of 28-days.This is a fast, secure and reliable way to access documents in digital form and to speed up the process of a workflow, without compromising data protection regulations.

Scan Document from Archive – As previously mentioned, there is a requirement from many large organisations to archive historical documents that are being stored at this time. Right now, due to time and budget constraints the best option for a business might be to take a flexible hybrid approach to document management. We have helped countless large companies with this type of project, where bulk back scanning isn’t the right fit practically or economically at a given time. Scan-from-archive is a tool used to help a company phase into the digital document age, rather than scanning everything in one go. We can help you choose files for scanning based on regularity of use, the specific needs for user retrieval, and always work within your time-frames, schedules and systems of working.

If you would like to find out more information about Hybrid Records Management with Box-it, give our friendly customer service team a call today. We completely understand the pressures that are associated with the management of documents within a busy and growing business. Budgets and time constraints often mean that it isn’t possible to digitise the entire company’s records in one go, with this service offering the perfect chance to phase into a paperless working environment over a period of time.