ISO Standards – Environmental

Our Environmental policy is at the forefront of the way we work at Box-it, working with our clients to constantly improve the service we provide and to improve upon our environmental performance in the process.

ISO:14001 is an accreditation linked to this environmental performance and it has real benefits to both our business and our customers.

The Benefits to ISO:14001

Firstly, by looking at the way our company works in terms of energy management, how we deal with our waste and put together our resources, we can identify areas to improve upon and in the process lower overall costs. We saw it as an opportunity also to accurately monitor the impact our service has on the environment and develop a strong, environmentally friendly brand image, and a reputation as a credible company that cares about our collective future.

As well as taking care of in-house practices and minimizing the impact on the environment on a day-to-day basis in the way you store documents, shred documents, transport documents and dispose of them, we always want to keep an eye on environmental policy and legislation, maintaining our compliance and improving the performance of the entire supply chain, flowing from us to the client and back again, protecting our integrity and ensuring we are all looking out for the improvement of performance levels with regard the environment.

Give us a call today at Box-it to discuss our services, and how we can all help each other improve our environmental awareness and procedures, whilst maintaining high standards of service for the storage of your documents.