ISO Standards for Onsite Document Solutions – ISO:9001 (Quality)

ISO:9001 certification ensures that all employees within a company make high quality customer service and product service a priority and in a timely fashion.

As an ISO:9001 certified business a quality management system will have been implemented to cover your facilities, staff members, training, equipment used and scope of services. This is the first step on a road that should include continual improvement of the quality of your company as a whole, with on-going assessment.

Benefits to ISO Quality Accreditation

The benefits to ISO:9001 as a certification are only felt if the entire company gets behind the process. Your company will understand a more efficient process of management, lays out strict areas of responsibility for each role, provides a positive message across the whole staff, and reduces costs by highlighting and improving upon deficiencies.

In terms of your customers, the knock on effect to being ISO:9001 accredited is that they will witness a continual improvement to the quality and speed of the service and its delivery. Over time, an ISO accreditation for quality will lead to fewer complaints and a workforce who have the right attitude to deliver first time, every time.

At Box-it each staff member takes responsibility to put together a fast response to clients, make accurate notes before commencing with the process of service to keep clients happy and the standard of service high throughout the duration of a project and beyond.