How Paperless Processes can Transform an HR Department

HR Departments within all industries work within an extremely busy and complicated framework in most cases. We see it time and time again at Box-it that a large company comes to us in order to help them streamline its HR department and to make all working processes more efficient. There are of course a number of reasons why an HR department would benefit from utilising the expert service of document management and the Omnidox HR system that Box-it provides.

The old fashioned processes of dealing with administrative issues involved a lot of paper use, and that was of course because there wasn’t any other option available at that time. It would be foolish for modern HR departments to continue to run a cumbersome operation solely because ‘that’s how things have always been done’, and Box-it understands how to make a workplace tick, with efficient systems, clear records and communication channels and a long-term view to reducing work stress, minimizing disruption and time wasted, and increasing productivity and profits as a result.

Time Efficiency

The main reason to begin with is that all HR departments are still heavily reliant on paper and other physical records and documentation. In fact, around 50% of all work taken place within an HR Department is spent dealing with administration. This often involves processes that are heavily linked to creation, movement and storage of paper records. Omnidox HR from Box-it provides your company with the tools to streamline HR operations, increase efficiencies and reduce the reliance on paper records.

Employment Compliance

Omnidox HR’s reporting functionality allow HR departments to have instant alerts to missing Eligibility to Work (ETW) documents. This ensures that employees and employer are meeting all employment conditions, and that any gaps in the system can be rectified in a time efficient manner. Being compliant with the Border Agency is important and our system makes it much easier to manage your employee’s records in terms of their ‘right to work in the UK’.

GDPR Compliance

Omnidox HR also alerts users to documents that are due to expire and will have to be removed from the system shortly, thus reducing administrative headaches out of this important compliance issue. In terms of data protection regulations already in place, and the soon to be applied GDPR from May 2018, this is an invaluable tool for HR departments within any industry. Employee information has to be safeguarded and with access to accurate retention schedules and expiry dates the HR department can be on top of all aspects of employee records, without the need of sorting through physical folders.

There are a number of benefits to a digital records management system for HR departments, no matter the type of industry or the number of employees for the company in question. Box-it offers Omnidox HR, the document management system that makes a real difference to the successful running of an HR department.