The Principles of Document Management

Here at Box-it, we believe that document storage is only part of the process of document management. Companies have a range of options, including storing their documents offsite in order to provide more space in their office. Increasingly, however, businesses are moving towards document management facilities, rather than simple storage. Box-it will not only store your company documents, we will process and manage them for you.

At Box-it, we believe that most business owners want to get on with developing their business, rather than having to worry about how they can access a particular file. We think that there are certain principles involved in document management; principles that help us to do our job, and that provide our clients with peace of mind.


Once your documents are collected and deposited at on of our facilities closest to you, we offer the option to catalogue and classify them at an extra cost. File level retrieval services are also an option, allowing us to locate your files quickly and effectively when required.


We believe that part of good document management involves the easy tracking of documents. Once our Box-it drivers have collected your documents, they are processed and assigned a barcode to make them easier to trace. Along with storing hard copies of documents, upon request we offer a ‘Scan on Demand’ service, scanning specific documents to customers through our own secure electronic document repository ‘Omnidox’.

Document Destruction

We offer a document destruction service for those documents you only need to retain for a certain period of time. For digitally stored documents, in our Omnidox system, retention dates can be set against document types and a notification will flag for the customer to review the document before we remove it from the system for good.

Hybrid Document Management

Our hybrid document management system is designed to assist our customers in transitioning to a digital storage of their documents at a pace and budget that suits them. Our ‘Scan on Demand’ allows for certain documents to be scanned back to customers upon urgent request, or when very small amounts of files are needed. The ‘Scan from Archive’ gives customers the chance to pre-arrange a specific number of files to be scanned on certain future dates, giving you the chance to digitise your archive at your own pace and budget.

Helping Businesses

Our central principle is to help businesses manage their archive in a secure and productive manner. When you choose our services, you and your employees will spend less time searching for a particular file, as our system provides the access you need. We believe that the principles of document management that we employ not only save our clients’ time, they also help to cut their expenses.