The Processes and Benefits to Cataloguing Your Documents

The management of documents is a crucial aspect to the smooth running of any successful business. Storing documents in a secure location is one thing that helps to create efficiencies and free up space within the office environment. It isn’t enough on its own though to ensure proper management of documents that might require use at a later date, or to be destroyed in a timely manner. The Box-it cataloguing service offers such a benefit.

How the Process of Cataloguing Works with Box-it

We completely understand, that for various reasons you need to know you can easily retrieve certain documents when the time comes. What we do is offer uniquely numbered barcode labels, which are applied to each individual box that we archive on your behalf. The barcodes can also be applied to individual files within each box when required. During the cataloguing process these barcodes are scanned, and again during the final reconciliation phase of the process. What this achieves is a full traceability and audit trail for both the user and us. You’ll be able to see the location and movement of the files and folders throughout its lifecycle.

A template is created for data entry, with agreed fields entered for the files. Depending on the requirements of the user these are set as either mandatory or supplementary. Individual rules are then applied to each field, ensuring all formats adhered to, with a pilot test run and shared with the user before full implementation across the whole project. How this works is that the barcode label is scanned, the unique file identifier is inputted and validated against the matching data and displayed to the operator.

All information is stored securely on our server during the cataloguing process, with real-time information available regarding staff activity. All data is then quality checked and exported to Omnidox Records Manager, and a copy is securely transmitted to the user if requested on any individual document(s).

The Benefits of Box-it Cataloguing

The first major benefit that will be experienced by users utilising our document cataloguing service is that it makes for a much more efficient file and box retrieval process than most users have been used to. They can also have a more accurate and up-to-date process for managing the lifecycle of a document, with aged archives that are required to be destroyed by law legally complied with. Overall the cataloguing process provides much tighter controls on document management, with only users with the right permissions entitled to access archived documents and overall there is a massive cost-saving factor to consider through the disposal of physical documents that you no longer need to store.

Box-it has been chosen as the preferred partner for document management services by a large number of public and private sector organisations. We have achieved this level of trustworthiness through a combination of hard work, dedicated staff and an accurate and well-developed system of document storage and cataloguing.

The Box-it cataloguing service is comprehensive and your business will benefit from a highly accurate and cost-effective service that achieves tighter control of your archived records and documents. You’ll know exactly what is in your archived document boxes; right down to each individual file, ensuring compliant document lifecycle management and GDPR best practice. Contact our team today to discuss your specific requirements and we’ll be happy to offer advice and guidance on the best approach to help streamline your business operations.