Sustainability with Box-it

Climate change and environmental problems are talked about World Wide and as a business owner you have a responsibility to do what you can with the power you have. Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword, to be used as a way to falsely sell a company as an ethical one. It should be a real way of life, day-to-day habits altered with the environment in mind. At Box-it we have a real principle in place to have a sustainable business practice where possible, developing our procedures over time to constantly improve on our environmental outlook.

A Commitment to Environmental Change

We understood that to make a real difference there would have to be a few changes implemented throughout our organisation. After careful thought and planning there are a few processes we have adopted (including the Carbon Smart Gold certification) that not only improve our own sustainable approach to business, but also might have the knock-on effect of imploring our clients to do the same and tweak their own approach to business over time.

Recycling and Environmental Initiatives

If you provide us with physical documents that you wish to be shredded, whether converted to digital storage or not in the first place, we will add the paper to our recycling system. All documents are recycled and made into new products (paper-made) as per legislation on the pre-treatment of waste.

As well as this recycling process that all of our customers documents go through we were also the first within the industry in the UK to be awarded ISO 14001, the environmental management systems accreditation. We are proud to have been awarded as the most forward thinking in our field and continue to develop new ways of thinking and practices that will strengthen and improve upon our sustainability in the future.

One of the biggest sustainability actions we have taken, and one which we are extremely proud of, is that for every 500 sacks of documents we shred for our customers we’ll plant a new tree. This is in partnership with the Castle Howard Arboretum and adds another dimension to our commitment to an ethical and environmental outlook to all of our business practices. These initiatives are well liked by our current customer base, with their own sustainability targets being assisted with our efforts concerning their documents.

Shredding and Document Storage with Box-it

At Box-it we are committed to helping your business transition from physical documents to a digital archive of everything that you are required to keep. From a HR perspective you are safe in the knowledge that all pertinent documents are at hand in an instant and safely backed up. From a physical storage point of view you are clearing the decks to utilise space that would otherwise be filling up with boxes. If you want to find out more about how Box-it can help you maximise both your physical working space and your approach to sustainability as a business, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help.