BS 10008:2014 Evidential weight and legal admissibility of electronic information

Access to and reliance on information is a fundamental part of business, and whilst more and more information is shared and processed digitally with huge efficiency gains over paper systems that are essential to business remaining competitive, establishing authenticity and integrity of the information is increasingly important – especially where electronic information is used in dispute resolution (supporting contractual terms) or to demonstrate compliance.

At Box-it our core services are aimed at helping our clients gain the advantages of digital information and we are working hard to play our part in improving information governance for our clients.

Key to our service delivery is helping our clients in the journey to transition from paper based records to digital content.

We have always worked to ensure we can support our clients in establishing that records digitised or processed by us and stored within our content management system Omnidox are fully compliant in that we can establish authenticity and integrity of the information through the processes that we operate. Given that the GDPR will be upon us in May 2018 this has never been more important.

For many years we have been following the guidelines detailed in BS 10008 which describes how information should be managed to ensure that it is demonstrably trustworthy.

Indeed not only do we follow the guidelines but our operational controls and processes have also been independently audited and accredited by one of the UK’s leading experts on legal admissibility of electronic records.

The BS 10008:2014 standard was revised to keep pace with expanding reliance on IT systems and has also been restructured to align with the ISO Management System so we now incorporate this within our own Management system structure that includes;

  • BS EN ISO 9001: Quality management systems – Requirements
  • BS ISO/IEC 27001: Information technology – Security techniques – Information security management systems – Requirements
  • BS ISO 14001: Environmental management systems – Requirements

By conforming with BS 10008, we ensure the evidential weight of electronic information and minimize the risks from long-term information storage.

Our accreditation covers all processes from receipt through to long term storage within Omnidox.

Download a PDF of our BS10008:2014 Certificate