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Have you ever considered how much time and money your business spends trying to manage your documentation? If only there was a way to digitally record your documents, making them easily retrievable at the click of a button - well thanks to Box-it, there is.

Using our award winning, secure Cloud-based service, the arduous task of searching and retrieving documents is now a thing of a past.

Enter Omnidox

With Omnidox, your business can store, access, and instantly retrieve your records whenever you need them, as well as view your digital documents across multiple site locations.

This innovative system will provide your business with a cost-effective and simple-to-use solution that's capable of streamlining processes, saving you time and money.

All of your business content, from emails, digital paper records and office documents can be stored via Omnidox - allowing you to access your data in one central location.

Business capabilities

Using our digital document management service, your business can benefit from a range of primary functions, including:

With a service to match every stage of your document's lifecycle, Omnidox makes it incredibly easy to effectively manage your records across your organisation.

Instant document retrieval

Need to access your digital documents in a hurry? With Omnidox you can quickly locate copies and distribute them to those who need to view the information - regardless of where they are based.

As records are stored online, this reduces the need for physical delivery and also has a positive impact on the environment too.

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