Document Storage Services

Utilities Sector

Here at Box-it, we offer a number of solutions which enable our clients in the utilities sector to operate more efficiently.
With the following range of document management services, you can reduce business costs, improve customer service, save on-site office space and access your organised documents with ease.
So, if you’re looking for a document management service to assist your organisation, take a look at how we can help.

Physical Storage

Box-it offer physical document storage services for a number of utilities and corporations based across the UK and Ireland.
We offer a national service and transferring your archive to our secure and ISO certified services, can offer your company ROI of over 30%.
Our document storage solutions and excellent customer service will allow you to simplify your records storage, archiving and retrieval processes.

HR Records Management

To save time, business documents need to be stored and organised efficiently. Box-it can help by providing secure access to all of you HR records on demand.
With lengthy retention periods for HR, Pensions and Payroll documents, we work with many customers on an integrated paper and digital document management strategy for HR records – supporting the conversion of paper records to electronic format.
We also offer a secure cloud-based repository for records, through Omnidox HR, with business processing and reporting functionality to support the needs of HR departments.

Accounts Payable

Invoice processing is a highly labour intensive process, so make your job easier by utilising specialist services from Box-it. We are able to match purchase orders to supplier invoices, managing instructions to pay and handle unmatched invoices, we use automated data capture technology to minimise customer costs.
Customers can instantly achieve significant ROI and cost savings of over 50% across the procurement to payment process.

Correspondence Management

Box-it offer an outsourced digital mailroom service, with support for multiple channels (web, e-mail and paper) whereby we act as the receiving point for all customer correspondence.
This is detailed within the O2 case study, where all correspondence, including billing queries, address changes and customer letters are received and processed by Box-it, before O2 customer service agent ensure full customer satisfaction.
Historical correspondence can be viewed through Omnidox: Digital Mailroom which can be accessed through CRM or ERP applications and retention periods are agreed and applied to ensure compliance with regulatory bodies.

Returned Mail

As Box-it is an established partner to The Royal Mail, we can receive returned business mail directly from the sorting office and process gone-away mail with reason codes.
Decreasing the need for on-site sorting processes, we work closely with our customers to ensure that your mail is processed through our confidential and cost effective solution.

Data Capture and Scanning Services

Thanks to our state of the art, award winning technology, Box-it processes and scans well over 100 million documents a year.
With government accredited security and our advanced processes, we can capture vast amounts of data and scan your records on demand – allowing you to gain instant access to past and present documents.
For more information on our document storage services, contact Box-it on 01962 830 200 or email us on