Over £1300 raised by Box-it for Children in Need

Thanks to the support of Box-it regional offices throughout the UK, we are delighted to announce that we have raised (to date) in excess of £1300 for BBC Children in Need. It’s exactly one week on from ‘Children in Need’ day, and we would like to reflect on some of the fundraising activities that Box-it got involved with, which ranged from physical challenges to cake baking and fancy dress competitions.

The exercise bike race between Box-it Head Office and Box-it South Midlands represented the distance between the two offices, and proved to be very competitive. Starting at 9.00am, it was our sporty lot at Box-it Head Office who emerged the winners. Our team at HQ finished ‘the race’ at 13.10pm, ahead of Box-it South Midlands. In fact, our Box-it Head Office team (comprising staff across all departments) were having so much fun, they kept going after the target distance was reached and went on to complete 163 miles. This was the equivalent of cycling from Winchester to Box-it East or even Box-it North Midlands. Yes, we well and truly ‘pedalled for Pudsey’.

Box-it Head Office also enjoyed a cake sale (fortunately we had the exercise bike to burn off some calories!) and there was some hilarity over the fancy dress competition, where we encouraged staff to dress up as superheroes or wear something Pudsey themed. 

Box-it Central also got into the baking spirit in the name of charity and hosted their own ‘baking competition’ which from the photos looked quite delicious. As well as eating (sorry we mean baking) Box-it Central’s fundraising activities included plank-off competitions and mannequin challenges, some of which you may have seen on social media. The Central team raised £135.00.

Meanwhile, if you spotted a couple of bears in Yorkshire at the wheel of a Box-it van, you weren’t seeing things. It was Rosie and Dan from Box-it Yorkshire making deliveries and collections dressed as Pudsey and our very own Box-it bear. Thank you to all Box-it’s customers in Yorkshire who so very generously made donations, while Rosie and Dan did their rounds. We’ve heard that not only was it a lot of fun, the team at Box-it Yorkshire raised over £277.

These were just a few of the many events being hosted by Box-it around the UK last Friday for Children in Need. Well done to all the regional offices and thank you to all those who supported us. Our document management teams at Box-it certainly ‘did their thing’ for BBC Children in Need.

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