Box-it supports Comic Relief

Our team at Box-it Head Office was only too pleased to support last Friday’s Red Nose Day and we are delighted to announce that our fundraising efforts raised £522 for Comic Relief.

There were all sorts of activities taking place at our Hampshire facility. One such example was the Bake Sale organised by our Customer Services team, which naturally proved very popular thanks to an array of tasty treats. It didn’t take long for them to disappear.

Meanwhile, our Project Management Office was hosting a ‘stick the sticker to the red nose’ competition, which of course generated a few laughs, not least because they had produced a poster of themselves wearing red noses especially for the game. Participants were blindfolded and had to place the stickers on, or as close to their red noses as possible, rather like ‘Pin the Tail to the Donkey’. Not quite as easy as it sounds so congratulations to our top six for being great sports.

  • 1st Arek Siarkowski (Data Analyst)
  • 2nd John Beale (Account Manager)
  • 3rd Deepam Gupta (Software Developer)
  • 4th Andy Gordon (Software Developer)
  • 5th Chris Dyne (Business Development)
  • 6th Bob Horton (Director of Operations)

The activities didn’t stop there. Hoopla organised by Operations got quite competitive. Well done to 1st placed Jo Coker (Payroll Administrator) who set an unbeatable score and to 2nd placed Lucy Brooks-Cooper (Digital Finance).

These individual activities raised £261 and Box-it’s Chairman, Simon McCowen, kindly doubled the sum, taking the final total to £522 for Comic Relief.

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