Box-it migrates from N3 to the new Health and Social Care Network

Box-it is among some of the first suppliers to migrate from the NHS N3 Network to the new Health and Social Care Network (HSCN). Through Omnidox, we have for many years provided a range of digital document management solutions to the NHS, which we are pleased to say are now live via the new improved ‘standards-based’ private network.

HSCN has been introduced to provide “a reliable, efficient and flexible way for health and social care organisations to access and exchange electronic information” encouraging more collaborative working between health and social care organisations as part of the NHS Digital Transformation.

It is a single network provided by multiple suppliers (NHS Digital describe it as ‘the network of networks’) allowing health and social care organisations to buy cost-effective connectivity from a choice of suppliers who have demonstrated compliance with a common standard, the HSCN Obligations Framework.

Box-it uses a HSCN compliant provider of hosting and infrastructure solutions, dedicated to the healthcare market, with some of the highest standards of security. This means our NHS clients’ digital records are being stored on secure servers in the HSCN with the ability to access and share sensitive information, such as medical records, online from any location via encrypted weblinks.

For those unfamiliar with Omnidox, it is a robust electronic document management system developed by Box-it which is today used by a number of NHS trusts and social care departments. User-friendly, Omnidox has many useful features for viewing, sharing and managing documents online, as well as efficient search and retrieval and audit tracking of all activity.

Within our Omnidox family are specific options for business processing, including Omnidox HR, Omnidox Accounts Payable and Digital Mailroom. Box-it can provide all supporting document scanning and data capture services within a highly secure environment.

As an approved supplier listed on a variety of public sector procurement frameworks including the NHS, digital services provided by Box-it can now be made available to an even larger community of health and social care providers with HSCN connectivity.