Document Storage & Management

Paper document storage is an issue facing every organisation globally. Perhaps you're running out of space, or your current provider is proving costly, alternatively it might be increasingly difficult to retrieve documents swiftly.
Well, if managing paper is costing you time, space money, and resulting in compliance issues, then Box-it has a range of solutions, including document scanning services, to meet your demands.
Choose Box-it to reduce your costs, save office space, address compliance issues and become more efficient by letting us take care of your paper document management.
Here at Box-it, we're a leading provider of document management solutions for companies and organisations across the UK and Ireland, so your paper documents will be in safe hands.

Nationwide Storage

Operating on a nationwide level, with 16 sites across the UK and Ireland, our paper document management services include secure document storage and archiving, instant record retrieval, and collection and delivery of your papers.
Regardless of where you are based, we can collect your valuable documentation from your premises using our fleet of secure vans and take your documents back to our secure, spacious and humidity-controlled storage facilities.
Documents can also be swiftly retrieved from our facilities, delivered to you when needed, and even scanned on demand within hours. All processes are compliant to established ISO accredited procedures.

A Secure System

With Box-it you don't need to worry about your documents going missing. Our advanced barcode tracking system reduces the risk of mislaid and inaccurate labeled files and boxes.
Our online document management service will also allow you to trace, track and request files from a remote location, and comprehensive audit tracking will ensure full compliance with data protection legislation too.
Further functionality can be achieved to support full document lifecycle management thanks to our secure and award winning online solution, Omnidox Records Manager.

Cataloguing, Scanning and Document Destruction

In addition to the services outlined above, Box-it can also provide the following:

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With over 8,000 customers from a range of sectors, at Box-it we have the experience to take full control your paper document management requirements.
Find out how our document management solutions can help your business by contacting us online or calling on 01962 830 200.

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