Outsourced Invoice Processing Solutions

Automating and streamlining invoicing processes to enhance efficiency and reduce your costs.

Accounts Payable

With Omnidox, we have an enviable reputation for delivering world class Procure-to-Pay (P2P) and business process outsourcing services. The accounts payable process is highly labour intensive, many customers have utilised our specialist services, achieving ROI immediately and over 50% per annum on an ongoing basis.

Procure-to-Pay (P2P) solutions are driving major efficiencies whilst facilitating a seamless end to end experience that delivers unparalleled commercial streamlining.

E-procurement enables an organisation to leverage the power of the internet in purchasing supplies and services. This model integrates effortlessly with our outsourced invoice processing solutions and Cloud based invoice authorisation system, Omnidox: Accounts. All invoices whether paper, email, fax or electronic (e.g. XML) are receipted at our premises and authorised by the organisation in the Omnidox cloud. Clean data is then output to the back office finance system, be it Oracle, SAP, Sage or others.

Your entire organisation will benefit from the Omnidox business process outsourcing solution through process improvement. The immediate return on investment is typically in the Accounts Payable department, as the requirement for operators and expensive technology is removed by the adoption of our solution.

We have developed Omnidox: Accounts as an invoice authorisation system; an essential part of our invoice processing solution. Paper or electronic invoices can be received by us, authorised and then fed back to the back office ERP or finance system. Today we have customers integrating with SAP, Oracle and others. Our invoice processing model ensures that efficiency savings can be realised in numerous ways. Our clients have realised efficiencies of up to 80% in AP personnel alone; significant further savings have been realised due to capital expenditure of both hardware and software being removed. The model is flexible enough to be implemented in coordination with most financial systems that may be used by the organisations we assist. Efficiency and flexibility mean that our invoice processing solutions are popular and effective with our clients.

In a highly competitive environment, many types of organisation can benefit from back office outsourcing. Back office outsourcing not only reduces costs significantly. It can allow remaining back office staff to focus on core business tasks instead of being bogged down in work that can be transacted more efficiently elsewhere.

To maximise profits, efficiency maximisation is a tried and tested method. Using innovation through outsourcing can ensure that your business heads in the right direction.

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