Digital Mailroom Services

Automating and streamlining processes to enhance efficiency and reduce your costs.

Looking for digital mail room services? Reduce the cost of correspondence management and enhance your business processes with Omnidox: Mailroom solution through scanning, recognition, classification and applying intelligence to the distribution of incoming mail, eliminating the manual steps many organisations are working with today.

With the convergence of hardcopy and electronic mail with Omnidox you are securely able to access hard copy mail and electronic documents from any internet location, enabling you to respond to customers the same day and maintain your competitive advantage.

A primary business driver for many of our customers is to deliver process improvements with correspondence categorised and routed to the relevant personnel, groups or backend system (ERP, CRM, ECM or BPM) in order for the task to be processed and retained for compliance purposes. Therefore delivering enhancements to organisations seeking to improve the way they communicate with their client and supplier base. Cost savings may be realised as a result of improved communication and faster throughput of documentation to key personnel and departments.

We provide options to completely outsource the Mail Room through to empowering inhouse scanning.

For more information on our digital mail room and electronic document storage contact us online or call on 01962 830 200.