Return to Sender Mail Services UK

Many organisations make large mailings every day using either their own mailing lists or mailing lists purchased from external sources. The effort to keep these lists updated is both expensive and time consuming process.

Typically many end up returned to you from the Royal Mail as ‘Returned Mail’ or ‘Goneaway’ with P3960 red sticker with a handwritten comment explaining the reason for return as shown below:

1. Addressee gone away (approximately 85% of items returned)

2. Address incomplete (approx 4% of items returned)

3. Address inaccessible (approx 1% of items returned)

4. Addressee unknown (approx 6% of items returned)

5. Refused (approx 1% of items returned)

6. Not called for (approx 2% of items returned)

7. No such address (approximately 1% of items returned)

D. Deceased

Benefits of using Box-it for this process.There are two types of barcode technology used for this purpose, the ‘3 of 9’ barcode or the more versatile 2D barcode. The 2D barcode can have a further level of security by using a data encryption process on the text being inserted into the barcode at the printing stage, one such encryption being Royal Mail’s CodEffect software to encrypt it that in turn is decrypted by Box-it’s scanners in real time.In partnership with Royal Mail our return to sender mail uses barcode technology to scan the barcode through the window of the envelope exporting the relevant data to reconcile with client database to avoid resending and the associated time and costs. This process allows highly confidential information that may be in the envelope to remain confidential as the envelope is at no point opened and can be returned to the originating client if required intact.

We receive mail directly from the sorting offices and process them within an agreed Service Level, usually within 24 hours of receipt, to delivery of the output data. Clients using Box-it services and applying barcode recognition technology include several supermarket chains, bailiff companies, utility providers, insurance companies, financial organisations and Government Departments.

Business improvements include;

  • An 80% reduction in costs involved processing Returned Mail and updating databases.
  • 100% accuracy of data output from 2D barcodes
  • With the level of automation available, staff costs in maintaining mailing databases become negligible and highly accurate.
  • Data cleansing and analysis is significantly improved.
  • Box-it has many years’ experience of managing returned mail.

We would be happy to advise on the best option to meet your needs. To find out more about how we could reduce your returned mail processing costs or to discuss options please contact us online or email us at