Document Cataloguing Services

Information is every organisation’s most essential asset whether paper, media or system based. Ever changing and increasing legislation has led many organisations to create more paperwork to keep up with regulatory and legislative policies. It is critical that records, whether on-site or stored off site, are fully managed to enable retrieval and retention in accordance with organisation guidelines, especially with lengthy retention cycles and personnel changes for files or their whereabouts to become mislaid.

Box-it helps organisations manage their records to ensure they are captured, managed, organised and retained in a highly secure and structured manner. As such we are able to catalogue client documentation, classifying and recording content. We have an in-house dedicated secure document cataloguing facility and an experienced team who have completed projects over the last few months supporting adult/children’s social care records, NHS patient records including over 500,000 Lloyd George files, HR and many other file types. This provides a cost effective option to ensure rapid and diligent information on your records is retained and ensures Document Management Lifecycles are managed to ensure compliance and often saving on-going storage costs.

To further maximise the accuracy and efficiency of our cataloguing services, we have developed a comprehensive database validation application to ensure the highest levels of accuracy are achieved enabling you to manage your records more effectively going forwards. Our dedicated team of cataloguers and AIIM accredited Taxonomy practioners are on hand to advise you on the best way to solve your records management challenges.

Managing your archive can be further enhanced through our Omnidox Records Management solution which is designed to give you total control of records whether managing retention or simply knowing the whereabouts of any particular record at any time.

On-site cataloguing can also be undertaken, the range of cataloguing and file management services are growing rapidly. To find out more please contact us today.