Online File Management Services

As an extension of standard document storage services, Box-it adopt a unique approach when compared to most ‘storage providers’, we work proactively with our clients to provide full traceability and to ensure documents are destroyed in a timely fashion.

This enables our customers to adhere to legislative requirements and manage their storage costs specifically by:

  • Ensuring information can be retrieved, when needed.
  • Consistent archiving and naming processes.
  • Ensuring that documents are not stored beyond their retention requirements.

This can be achieved through a mixture of technology and services. We provide a secure Cloud based Records Management solution – Omnidox Records Manager and a range of File Management services summarised below:

  • Cataloguing services of customer files, enabling the appropriate classification for documents to be applied.
  • Consultancy services which help clients adopt the right approach to records management, specifically when considering a hybrid approach to document management i.e. scan, store or destroy.
  • Guidance on record retention rules and processes.
  • Compliance to regulatory requirements for data capture including BIP0008-compliant scanning processes (formally PD0008).
  • Cost management by ensuring the right storage option is used depending upon the document type i.e. deep storage and even all inclusive options.
  • Specialist storage services within secure rooms with added fire protection, dedicated file storage areas and specialist services for specific requirements such as wills or deeds.

Ultimately this will enable your organisation to:

  • Improve the speed and accuracy of locating individual or related groups of documents.
  • Reduce the financial, legal or regulatory risks that can be caused if paper-based information is lost, damaged or misused.
  • Improve information security.

“We are extremely pleased with the service provided by Box-it. Our records are now at the right place at the right time; saving us time and money and, being local, they are also helping us with our carbon footprint and commitments to the environment. All-in-all a successful partnership.”

Vernon Birkett, Records and HR Projects Manager – Ordnance Survey.

For more information on our file management services, contact us online.