Hybrid Electronic Document Management Solution

One of the biggest growth areas within this sector is the demand for integrated electronic document management. This caters for flexible, cost efficient business processes which combine paper and document scanning services.

Every organisation should want to streamline business processes and hybrid document management with Box-it is the ideal way to achieve this.

Combined services

With our hybrid document management solution, your business can take advantage of the following services:

  • Capture your paper documents electronically – when needed they can then be securely stored, archived, destroyed, or returned to you
  • With nationwide storage capabilities, Box-it offer scan-on-demand delivery of your paper records within two hours to our safe and secure document repository, Omnidox
  • Save time through our digital document management solutions and advanced archive document scanning facilities

Business Benefits

Transferring your paper documents to digital copies is a simple process and one which will provide your business with a number of benefits.

Once scanned, your digital documents can be retrieved from any location at the click of a button, allowing you to instantly link to the past, on demand within a secure, audit tracked online environment.

Hybrid document management will also free up on-site office storage space and help your business to make significant savings across the board. Scanned documents can be stored, destroyed or safely returned to you at your request thanks to our secure nationwide fleet of Box-it vans.

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Hybrid document management solutions will keep your business costs low and provide you with the full benefits associated with the digital age.

Find out more about your options by contacting Box-it on 01962 830 200 or emailing us at marketing@boxit.co.uk.