Omnidox Records Manager

If you’re looking to manage all of your business records in one central location, Box-it offers the perfect solution.
Through our award winning and secure online solution, Omnidox Records Manager provides a single view of an enterprises paper records across multiple locations.
In addition, it also provides Document Lifecycle Management for paper based records, enabling full management and organisation of your business records.

The power of Omnidox

Our cloud-based document repository will help you streamline and improve business processes.
Omnidox Records Manager will enable your business to view your records across multiple site locations – ideal for those operating from more than one office nationwide.
With fully secure and audited web functionality, you’ll also have the flexibility to view and search all of your stored records and observe their current status too.

Instantly request your documents

When you need to access information quickly, simply request your files, boxes or single documents through physical delivery or our electronic scan-on-demand service.
Retrieving papers electronically using Omnidox Records Manager allows you to gain rapid access to your business documents, reducing the need for physical delivery and saving you time, as well as having a positive environmental impact.

Additional benefits

Omnidox Records Manager will also help your business with:

  • Full Document Lifecycle Management for paper based records
  • Save office space and costs by moving your documents to one central location
  • Set up new storage and catalogue requirements on demand
  • Automatically import data to Excel, Access and other computer programs

Get in touch

Streamline your business processes through our efficient, secure and easy-to-use document management solution, Omnidox Records Manager.
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